About Us

Our partnership

Our partnership started in January 2021 when we discovered a common purpose in our dance. We believe that dance is an instrument of transformation in the lives of many people. Far beyond techniques, movements, conductions and embellishments; this art associates intelligence and body expression in non-verbal communication between two people, and only then do we go from being mere performers of movements to dancers who feel not only themselves, but also empathize with each other.

Walter Fernandes
Dance Educated by the Jaime Aroxa Dance School. He started his dance studies at 15 years old in the social project directed by Escola de Dança Jaime Aroxa called “Well from the head to the feet” in Rio de Janeiro. In 2012 he joined as a dancer at Cia Dom, a Samba de Gafieira dance group directed by Patrick Carvalho, winning in 2015 the Gafieira Brasil - group category. He dedicated himself simultaneously to Samba de Gafieira and to the Brazilian Zouk, which made him a stunning professional with excellence in both areas. He taught classes in both dance styles on an 8-month tour around Russia, Israel, Siberia, Finland and Belarus. The first of many tours that came in sequence, accounting for more than 16 countries where he has shared his dance. He is responsible for the introduction of the Brazilian Zouk in the community of Israel, which today is known as “Zouko”. Currently he travels the world teaching classes, performing shows and participating in competitions.
Larissa Secco
She earned a bachelor degree in Physical Education from Federal University of Santa Catarina, she dedicated 16 years in technical training in Ballet, Jazz and Contemporary Classical Dances. She started her studies in Ballroom Dancing in 2014 and since then she has been dedicating herself as a Brazilian Zouk Dance teacher and dancer. In Florianópolis / SC, she taught Brazilian ballroom dance classes to the university student population as an extension project at UFSC. Developed and coordinated research in dance pedagogy, students psychological factors, and using results to optimize students learning and experience the Brazilian Zouk Dance. She currently travels nationally and internationally, giving workshops and performing in partnership with Walter Fernandes.