brazilian zouk

You can be dancing alone or you can join our dance family

All levels, all ages, we believe that dance can change your life.

Body Knowledge

Having a deep understanding about your own body and how it moves can significantly enhance your dance experience.


The experience to have the dance content that you can read and visualize the technique into your dance!

Dance Knowledge

A solid understanding of leading and following techniques provide a strong foundation for improvisation, clear and precise connection between dance partners integrating musicality into the dance. 

Dance Personality Journey

This is an ongoing process of growth and learning about your confidence, proficiency, and discovering your unique style and dance expression while mastering the fundamentals. 

Our online Classes

Learn how to dance with us!

Brazilian Zouk Module 1

Join us in this Brazilian Zouk Course, here you’ll learn not just the fundamental steps and techniques of Brazilian Zouk but also  rhythm, connection, and passion come together to create a dance experience like no other. 

Whether you’re an absolute beginner or an experienced dancer looking to improve and explore your dance, this course promises to inspire and ignite your love for Brazilian Zouk!

Brazilian Zouk Module II

In this intermediate Brazilian Zouk course, take your dance skills to new heights as you explore and refine your techniques, connecting on a deeper level with the music and your partner. This course delves into intermediate fundamentals, empowering you to enhance your dance and discover a world of possibilities as you connect deeply with the music.

about us
walter & Larissa

Our partnership started in January 2021 when we discovered a common purpose in our dance.

We believe that dance is an instrument of transformation in the lives of many people.

Walter Fernandes

Dancer, teacher and choreographer

Larissa Secco

Dancer. teacher and choreographer