About Us

Our partnership started in January 2021 when we discovered a common purpose in our dance. We believe that dance is an instrument of transformation in the lives of many people. Far beyond techniques, movements, conductions and embellishments; this art associates intelligence and body expression in non-verbal communication between two people, and only then do we go from being mere performers of movements to dancers who feel not only themselves, but also empathize with each other. .

Learn From Us

The experience to have the material that you can read and see the illustrations with more info.

Module 1

Module 2

History of Dance

The study of dance history enriches your personal culture and makes you understand the important names and moments of the evolution of the Brazilian Zouk;

Practical exercises

Together with verbal and visual language, we will apply all the knowledge covered in this content in this document directly into the dancer's body, through sensory practice;

Technical details

In this workbook you will find refined technical details about all the foundations that we consider essential for the learning and teaching process


to empower the learning process, in addition to verbal language, the handout contains visual tools such as illustrations, graphs and movement drawings;